Yarn Sampling Fun

Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to get to try a new yarn every week?  We thought so too, so for at least the near future we’re going to have a sample yarn of the week. Here’s how it works: We’ll pick out a yarn, cast on and work a few rows with it, then you can come in and play around with it on the needles. Knit a few rows, maybe try it on a different size needle, see how you like it. If you like it enough to want to buy some of it, it will be 20% off for the week it is the sample yarn (as always with sale pricing, all sales will be final). This week (7/16-7/21/12) the sample yarn is Merino-Cotton 135 from Schulana. I had the privilege of being the one to cast on with it and work the initial rows, and I already see some of this in my own knitting future!

Come on in and do some sampling! Even if this is not a yarn you are currently in the market for, this is a great way to increase your familiarity with yarns you have yet to discover!

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